Monday, July 29, 2013

Fill your water bottle at the Hydration Station

Check out the new Hydration Station in the 300 hall! This high-tech drinking faucet functions as a source of cooled, filtered water, and can also fill your personal water container.

Brita Water filters have been great in classrooms with sinks. Students use the Brita pitcher-style filter to fill their water bottles, and return to their seat, as shown in the prior blog. This reduces single-use plastic in classrooms. But what about classrooms without sinks? The answer is the Hydration Station in the hallway.

Students can fill their water container with water that is cool and filtered. The Elkay EZH20 also tallies how may plastic bottles have been saved because of this device.

Reduction of the use of plastic bottles means less fossil fuels will be spent making bottles, and it means that less plastic will need to be recycled. It also means less plastic will end up in our watersheds, or in the ocean. This is a terrific goal to improve our Environment! Additionally, when students drink water for hydration, they are avoiding sodas, and other drinks with sugar or caffeine. Hydration with water will help our student health.

Kudos to Mike Nagel and the Maintainance staff, as well as David Darlington our conservation consultant, for getting this hydration station installed. Another is planned for the Gym.  If LHS can use these improvements to benefit our local environment, we can work to get more installed across our campus. (update 8/9/13, looks like we will get more of these across the campus!)


HaugenBio said...

And none of the icky germs from a drinking fountain. Very nice all around!

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